What to Do Next If You Found a Nest of New Haven Baby Skunks

If you live in a large open space or near a wooded area, it will not be uncommon for you to encounter a New Haven skunk. For those who live in the urban setting, some skunks have become dependent to human. These skunks will establish their den close to the human such as under our shed or porch. In case you are experiencing a skunk infestation on the month of April or May, there is a good chance that you will encounter a nest filled with baby skunks.

How to Properly Deal with New Haven Baby Skunks

Usually, you will not encounter the Connecticut baby until their bodies are covered with fur. However, there will be numerous instances when the babies will need intervention of human in order to survive. Baby skunks need their mother to survive. In case their mother has been caught in a trap or if she was a victim of a road kill, you may have to intervene to raise their survival rate.

Wandering Baby Skunk

Usually, a wandering Connecticut baby skunk is not a source of concern. Unless the baby skunk still has its eyes closed and appears to be too small, there is a possibility that the mother skunk is just around the corner. In case the baby skunk is already covered with fur, you will have to give the mother skunk a chance to retrieve the baby. Maintain a good distance from the baby while you are monitoring them. If the mother skunk did not return after 2 hours, then it's time to act. Before you intervene, make sure to call the help of the local wildlife rehabilitator, they will provide you with a detailed instruction on how to keep the baby skunk safe while waiting for them to come.

Approaching the Baby Skunk

After you determined that the Connecticut baby has indeed been orphaned, you should still be careful in approaching then. The baby skunks will be armed with spray that will cause a suffocating smell. They may also bite you. The intensity of their bite and spray will depend upon the age of the baby skunk. Start by containing the baby skunk, the best way to capture them is with the use of a cardboard box. Approach it slowly to ensure that you will not startle it. Usually, the baby skunk will return inside their den if they have been startled. This will be completely fine. However, if they are not really orphaned, an angry mother skunk will come out of the den. Make sure to run away quickly once this happened. In case the mother skunk did not appear, wait for the babies to come out again.

In the event that you think that you will need to handle the New Haven baby skunk personally, be sure to arm yourself with protective gloves and face mask. The skunks even the babies may carry parasites and bacteria that can be transferred to human. You should also keep the babies warm while waiting for the wildlife rehabilitators to arrive.

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