Which Repellents Work to Get Rid of a Connecticut Armadillo Infestation

Problems related with the New Haven armadillo infestation are rather unpleasant. You might want to take action immediately to end your wildlife problem. This will ensure that you will stay away from damages and you do not have to repair the entire lawn. In case you failed to administer the right solution at an opportune time, the creature may cause irreparable damages on your property.

Will Repellent Be Effective Against Armadillo?

Homeowners prefer the most convenient way when eliminating their Connecticut wildlife invasion problem. Compared to the trapping devices where you need to consider the type of trap, placement, and the bait to use, repellents will only require you to spray it all over your property. However, this may not necessarily be effective against the armadillo infestation.

New Haven Eviction Fluid

Eviction fluid may be the only effective repellent against the armadillo but only under some circumstances. This will work best during the nesting season. Armadillos are extremely protective of their young ones. Once they realized that there is a presence of danger, they will immediately relocate their young ones to another place. When looking for a repellent, be sure to choose a repellent that doesn't gel and will not harm your vegetables. It should also be safe to the kids and other animals.

Castor Oil

According to the Connecticut manufacturer, this type of repellent will make their food source appear unpleasant by adding a smell that seems offensive to them. Unfortunately, there are some valid reasons why the castor oil repellent will not be effective against the armadillo infestation. Even on the off chance that you use a highly-concentrated castor oil; the scent will immediately dissipate especially since you are using it in an outdoor environment. There are granular types of castor oil repellent that can be scattered on the ground. Sadly, the armadillo will not be deterred with the strong scent of the castor oil.


Another popular spray repellent sold in the Connecticut market today would be the repellent with pepper as its base ingredient. Peppers contain an active ingredient known as capsaicin. This is the compound responsible in making the pepper spicy. This comes in a liquid spray formula and can be sprayed easily using your garden sprayer. Sadly, just like the castor oil, the scent of this repellent will also dissipate quickly. There is also no proof that the spicy scent will penetrate deeper into the ground. Since the armadillo will dig worms deep underground, there is no way that you will be able to deter them by spraying pepper on the ground.

When looking for a solution for your New Haven infestation, you want something that will be effective and will not waste your hard-earned money. The professional armadillo removal specialist will give you a handful of options when dealing with your infestation. Best of all, these will be targeting the root cause of the issue that will deliver a long-term result. Repellents are costly and will only produce a temporary solution to your armadillo invasion.

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