What are the Strategies Connecticut Squirrels Use to Gather Their Food?

The thing that New Haven squirrels will eat will actually depend upon the availability of the food. Tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and the flying squirrels will have similarity in terms of their meals. However, they may still differ when it comes to their own preference. Squirrels are known to be food hoarders. They will stockpile their collected foods to ensure that they will never run out of supplies. Due to this habit, it is relatively common to see a squirrel that is hunting for foods for couple of days. 

Ways that a Squirrel Will Gather Its Food

Their hunting skills have proven beneficial to them especially during the Connecticut winter season. They will also not gather their supplies in a single location. There are instances that they need to track down the food that they stored and gathered. Here are some ways on how they can collect their food.

Using their Sense of Smell

While it may be true that Connecticut squirrels can use their memory and their visual ability to find their food, they initially rely on their sense of smell. It is a known fact that squirrels have an amazing olfactory nerve. This can help them track down the seeds and nuts, leftovers, etc. Regardless if this is located in an outdoor environment or the food that's been buried by other animals, the squirrel will be able to sense this using their nose.

Opportunistic Behavior

With their keen sense of smell, the Connecticut squirrel would be able to find any types of food that look appetizing on their eye. Like rodents, they are opportunistic eaters. They will not think twice when stealing the foods of other animals. They will also steal from each other when gathering their food. Most of the time, they will choose only plant-based nutrients. However, they can also eat hatchlings, eggs, and insects.

Collecting and Stockpiling Foods

Compared to other creatures, the squirrels will not simply collect the foods that they require today. They will continue to hunt foods and stock them for future use. They will love to build their den in areas that offers them storage space such as the hollow of the trees, in our attic, and the burrows of other animals. When the squirrels are gathering its food such as cherries, berries, acorns, and seeds, he will carry it back to its home using her mouth. In some instances, he may bury this on the ground. He will then use his sense of smell to determine the location of this supply.

Finders Keepers

Contrary to the past studies, the memory of the Connecticut squirrel is not that outstanding. It is possible for them to forget the location of their food stash. They will not commonly return to the foods that they buried. Since they are scavengers, they will steal the foods from the storage of another squirrel. In case nobody exhumed this forgotten food stash, the seeds will grow into a new tree or plant.

The average calorie intake of the New Haven squirrel will depend upon different factors such as psychological and physical factors. The excess food that their body no longer need will be stored. This will allow them to have an ample food supply during the cold months.

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